Bhangra Burger

A burger with Indian flavours? Sounds very promising. Bhangra burger is one of the famous traders in London Street Food scene and it was on my list for some time, until me and my brother Engin went to Street Feast London.

Alec Owen travelled in India after university, moved to Brixton from Birmingham, left his career in Architecture and created Bhangra Burger. In his green truck, he combines handmade patties with chutneys, pickles, salads, and herbs, then serves in flatbread.

Here is the menu:

After a little thinking, we went for Crazy Lamb Jalfrezi. All the ingredients from right …

… to left …

And our Crazy Lamb Jalfrezi just before being wrapped. You can see chutneys, patty, salad and yoghurt.

Let me tell you my Crazy Lamb Jalfrezi experience. First bite: thick, cold bread. Second bite: bread and some salad. Third bite: Bread, salad and some chutney. Fourth bite: The previous flavours plus yoghurt, it adds quite a good taste and balances the sweet chutneys. After many bites full of bread salad and sauce mix, I reached the patty. Happy moment? No. The patty was very dry and quite tasteless. It was so clear that it waited in on heat for a long long time so that now it is just some tasteless minced meat. All other flavours did not help to mask the tasteless patty too. Can I get some salt?

This could have been a good meal if the flatbread was slightly thinner and warm, and if the patty was juicy and tasty. But as it is now, it is not a burger that I am planning to eat again.

Rating: 6 / 10

Price: £6

Location: Depending on the day, in, Real Food Market or Brockley Market. The best is to check their twitter feed.

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