Pizza Pilgrims

I took a right from Oxford Street, heading down to Berwick Street, to the market beyond where Pizza Pilgrims resides. Not that I haven’t tried a few on my way back, but it felt uneasy to unwillingly avoid all other gastro-traps along the short walk to the rearmost of the market where the dark green van was enthroned, apart from others. Somehow, or after reading all that stuff about them, I was well aware that I was about to taste something special.

On my way there, abruptly, I found myself in a fragrant aura of rich tomato sauce steam nourished by the fumes seeping out of the stone oven constructed in the van ahaed of me. At that very moment, I charged to the van and rapidly browsed the menu board to pick my feed. I would have picked Margherita of which I believe a ‘pizzaiolo’ can only be rightously evaluated with. But there was ‘Nduja, which is actually margherita topped with ‘nduja itself – a spreadable italian sausage similar to chorizo, but a little spicier. So I went for ‘Nduja this time.

The dough was made with Caputo flour, a must for the genuine neapolitan pizza. Over it, the fantastic tomato sauce, a bit of a sprinkle of parmesan, fior di latte, random ‘nduja spreads and a few leaves of basil. As they define their pizzas being “traditionally neapolitan”, I thought I was going to have a randomly-placed-ingredients-style of pizza, and I was afraid of it. Oh right, the ingredients were all properly placed, it was all set and it was now the time to wait. Not long though, it was sharp 509°C inside of the oven as Thom showed on the digital thermometer, so it took only two minutes to cook. (I did cross-check myself comparing the times of the photos I have taken before and after)

And it took a minute to damp down.

While ‘nduja gently ignites the tastebuds, your tongue gets disarmed by molten fior di latte oozing here and there. Then you get a fresh basil-scented breeze. It all takes place at the same time and over the fantastic tomato sauce ocean which I believe is actually alive. This iconic tomato sauce is the primary ingredient to my dream bathtub fantasy. Of course it is San Marzano that gives the heavenly taste – presumably seasoned with teeny tiny hints of garlic and basil.

The dough was perfectly cooked; both as crispy as not to cause a palate-penetration and as tender as not to soak up the sauce. Still, tender enough to cover my body all over, warm. An edible juicy spicy blanket was how I transformed it on my mind at first bite, and the others.

The subtlety here is using the best produce and doing it traditionally, simple as that. Perfetto!

Rating: 9.5 / 10

Price: £5-6

Location: Weekdays at Berwick Street Market, Soho

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  1. Neapolitan pizza are very easier to prepare, they require special ingredients to garnish the top of the pizza, they will get a new taste if they are properly garnished, tomato sauce adds greater taste to the pizza’s it can be prepared at home based pizza’s .


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