French & Grace

French & Grace is actually a restaurant in Brixton. They do Mediterranean dishes, mostly salads and wraps. They also appear at, and I visited them last week at Street Feast.

The two girls behind award winning food blog Salad Club were busy preparing wraps.

They were offering hot chorizo, grilled halloumi, and a wrap they call “über” which is a combination of chroizo and halloumi wraps. Needless to say, I went for the über.

It’s basically a mixture of hummus, red cabbage, chorizo, halloumi and a sauce which I reckon has mayo and/or yoghurt and tomatoes/chillies. Cabbage mix has quite a sweet taste, chorizo and hallomi are well balancing it. When you have both chorizo and hallomi it becomes over-salty but not really disturbing.

It was a fun eat, different and well matched tastes in a wrap. Still.. I can not really name it, but.. There was nothing striking me. Noting that I can say amazing. When I finished my wrap, I was happy but just because I had a wrap with lots of veggies and different combinations. It was not something that I’d go and say “Oh it’s very good you should try it”.

Rating: 7 / 10

Price: £5.5 – £6.5

Location: They have a restaurant in Brixton. For finding them on streets, check their twitter.

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