Speck Mobile

I first saw Speck Mobile last week at Street Feast, and yesterday I had the chance to try at World Street Food Festival in Southbank. Two Austrians cook their traditional dishes and one by one explain what dishes are with their German accent, I can not really refuse any food and presentation this local. This is one of the things I like most about London Street Food, you always find various kinds of authentic and great food so easily.

It’s really great that they put an example of every dish on their counter. I think this is extremely important for every street food trader, especially if they are cooking something unusual and their pans are above eye level. In food markets I am usually too excited to read ingredients and imagine the dish, seeing it is better in every way.

So here is the menu. The names are all in German and I don’t understand anything, I love it!

From left to right; Wiener Schnitzel vom Schwein (Rare breed pork schnitzel Viennese style with potato cucumber salad), Speckknödel mit Sauerkraut (Tyrolean speck dumplings with sauerkraut), Kaspressknödel (Grilled herbed Alpine cheese dumplings with sour cream and chive sauce) and Apfelstrudel (Flaky thin apple strudel).

Traditionally Wiener Schnitzel is made of veal, but now often (in Speck Mobile too) it is made of pork. Although cheese dumplings and the strudel were also looking quite good, I went for Specknödel.

Speck is a kind of bacon, it differs with its salt-curing and smoking methods. Apparently it was first made in a place called Tyrol, a region in North Italy and south Austria. To prepare the Speckknödel, chopped speck pieces are put in a dough ball, boiled and put over a layer of Sauerkraut. Here is the result:

Sauerkraut is very good. The acidity is not overwhelming and has a perfect sour taste. When you take a bite from the dumplings, the reasoning behind these ingredients become apparent. The smoky and salty taste of speck is perfectly balanced with sourness of Sauerkraut, and the dumpling dough is well completing this combination. This dish reminds me of Turkish starter İçli Köfte, which is minced beef inside bulghur wheat, served with lemon. Both combine very tasty flavours in a balanced way. One part I was not happy with was the thickness of the dough. I think this dish can be much better if the dough is a bit more thinner. Also, the speck mix inside felt a bit dry, texture-wise.

Although I was not that hungry, I enjoyed my Speckknödel a lot. I would not buy it as a main course, but it’s a dish that’s quite different and tasty.

Rating: 7.5 / 10

Price: £5.5

Location: They are new and mobile, so it’s best to check their twitter feed.

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