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Anna Mae cooks southern states street food, mainly either pulled pork sandwiches or mac ‘n cheese with various toppings. I was very intrigued by their smoked pork dishes along with their own BBQ sauce, but yesterday at World Street Food Festival it was mac ‘n cheese time and I had the chance to try it.

Mac ‘n Cheese actually has Italian roots (no surprise there). After American president Thomas Jefferson encountered the dish in Paris – in the times when it was fashionable-, he imported macaroni and Parmesan cheese to USA and later served a macaroni pie at a state dinner. Since that time, this dish has been associated with America and specifically southern American cuisine.

Anna Mae prepares four kinds of Mac ‘n Cheese, which are below:

And she cooks with a large, large pan.

I went for The Don Macaroni, which is Mac ‘n Cheese with crispy bacon, pesto, and fresh basil chives. Apparently they were out of basil :/

First tastes; pretty good. Pesto is especially very well done, I think it had pine nuts too – which is a must for it. Bacon is a bit soft and tasty, I was not sure if pesto and bacon would go along well but they did. Both are good condiments to macaroni and cheese. So the cheese mix: Cheddar, Monteray Jack and Mozarella. Unfortunately, I did not really get a sharp cheese taste which I was looking for.. It just was not there, I more felt like as if it was made with cream sauce. I also got a taste similar to mustard (if it is not mustard) and it started to overpower all other flavours, including slight cheese taste. Consequently, the dish started to become a bit boring after some short time eating it. I’d say it would be much better if they’d use a cheese like Parmesan, instead of Mozerella – this dish definitely needs a stronger cheese taste. The pasta was also a bit soft, I’d prefer al dente. It would improve the texture of the dish. Finally, I really like Mac ‘n Cheese with a burnt cheese crust. Achieving this may be a bit pain for a street trader but the stakes are high!

Mac ‘n Cheese was below my expectations, but after the reviews I read about their pork sandwiches, sauces, coleslaws and beans, I have high hopes for my next go!

Rating: 6.5 / 10

Price: £5 – £5.5

Location: Always changing, their website has the perfect list of the locations and menus.

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  1. Great review and seems your opinion was almost identical to mine from the Street Food Festival! Nice to see someone else thought the same about the slight lack of cheesiness- great condiments, just a shame it wasn’t a bit stronger on the cheese!

    • Hey Roisin, I’m glad that you think the same too. We are talking about Mac ‘n Cheese, it’s like the king of trashy food – it has huge potential to be amazing and I hope this one gets there. Nice blog btw.


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