I was lucky to be born in a country with a very rich and diverse cuisine. Having settlements dating to 10.000 BC, experiencing four seasons to their full, surrounded by sea,  being on many ancient trade routes, habited by countless number of civilizations, and being situated in the intersection of east and west, Turkey has an abundance of amazing food of its own and plus many different cuisines nearby.  Dominant inner-cuisines differ from region to region, even from city to city and they are quite different from each other. Still – all these years, both in Turkey and anywhere I went in the World, my favourite cuisine has always been Mediterranean cuisine. Lightly cooked ripe vegetables, fresh local seafood, drizzles of dense quality olive oil, with a glass of vine.. Feels so elegant and quality, which is why I started walking fast towards Fresella when I first saw them in Red Market at a lunch break.

Fresella offers a special kind of Italian bread, topped with various kinds of ingredients. Notice the basil and other herbs below the board 🙂 The menu always changes because they use what is fresh each they in the Green Market. Perfect.

Fresella is actually the name of the bread, originating from Southern Italy. I love that they display an article about it and themselves. As you might have seen, I always do a bit research about what I eat/ate, I feel it adds more meaning to the experience. So here is what’s written on their sheet: Fresella is basically toasted bread and its origins are ancient. For centuries it has been the staple for sailors and travellers because it’s very easy to conserve. For that reason it became the typical food for those travelling many months on a ship. Fresella bread is extremely hard, that is why it requires getting wet. Its ingredients are flour, yeast, water and salt.

Before trying others, I chose Classic Fresella, which has cherry tomatoes, buffalo mozarella, basil, tuna and capers.

Without a doubt, this is a good combination, and everything was indeed so fresh. They are all drizzled with olive oil which comes from Puglia, a reigion in Southern Italy. Spain and Italy are the only two countries that still have  olive oil producers that are using the traditional methods in production, and I must admit the best olive oils that I have ever had were from Italy. I always keep a bottle of Ottobratica olive oil at home, only for consuming with bread, it is that tasty. The olive oil Fresella uses is above quality, but not that striking. Before knowing that the bread is supposed to be very hard and needs to be wetted, I thought it is not fresh and felt quite down with the first bite 🙂 Structurally, it is like a Napolitean pizza: hard on the outside, soft and wet in the middle. It is a bit hard to eat, breaks down to pieces quite easily but it is not a huge issue thanks to cutlery. Mozarella was very tasty too, I felt like eating solid milk. Capers have added a good level of sourness. The only thing that bothered me in this dish was it was a bit too salty.

Fresella is a honest dish: you get good quality of what you see. It is light and fresh, I think it is perfect for nibbling with wine, and it is a good alternative to Bruschetta.

Rating: 7 / 10

Price: £5 – £5.5

Location: They are usually at Red Market in Shoreditch (for now), best would be to double check their twitter account.

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