About Reviews and Ratings

In this blog, I’m giving a glimpse of good (and bad) street food that you can find in London. Also, I am trying to dig a bit deeper, and talk about why I like or dislike these food. The two main subjects are freshness and quality of ingredients, and what each of them add to (or remove from) the dish. I like to do some quick research about the food, so you will often encounter some general information about them.

Currently I have lots of content to write so it is my main priority. Later, I am planning a series of improvements that will make this site much more useful & handy.

Ratings are subjective and solely based on taste and quality of ingredients. If I don’t like (say) chicken liver and eat a perfectly cooked chicken liver dish, I would not rate it high. On the other hand, a paella prepared with frozen seafood would surely be rated quite low. Below chart can give an idea on what ratings mean:

10 – Exceptional food that is rare to encounter, both on streets and restaurants.

9 – I would force my friends to buy it.

8 – A very tasty food that I would want to eat from time to time.

7 – Good tasting food, but I would not go back to have another at a later time.

6 – Ordinary food that does not have much taste, leaving me disappointed.

5 – I wish I have taken something else.

4 and below – Get to the Choppa!!

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  1. irem

     /  22 June 2014

    Hala Londra’ da mi yasiyorsunuz?


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