Cupp Tea Bar

I didn’t know there was a drink called Bubble Tea at all, until I came across Cupp Tea Bar in World Street Food Festival. I was already quite full and desperately in need of a refreshment. First I decided to try Daisy Green‘s frozen yoghurts but when I read that they contain zero fat, I changed my mind, as zero fat milk means skimmed milk, and skimmed milk is not really milk as that process kills every beneficial bacteria and does not leave much at all.

After living in Taiwan for three years, Lee and Amy wanted to bring back something Taiwanese and decided on bubble tea. They have a very cute Citroen H Van. I had the perfect timing when taking this photo:

As you might have guessed, bubble tea was invented in Taiwan in 1980s. It’s basically a mixture of tea, fruit syrup and/or milk. They also contain chewy tapoica (a kind of starch) balls – commonly called as pearls. Cupp Tea Bar prepares bubble teas and fruit teas with either black or green tea. Lots of flavours are available: Mango, strawberry, lychee, mint, coconut, grapefruit etc.. For 50p they also add tapoica or popping pearls. As the name suggests, popping pearls are fruit juice balls that pop in your mouth.

Amy prepares drinks with adding lots of ingredients and mixing all of them with a shaker.