Kimchi Cult

Kimchi Cult is one of the most prominent participants of Eat.St and lately Street Feast. The duo behind, Danny and Sarah lived in Korea for a few years, came back to London and decided to become traders of the Korean tastes they are since then addicted to. Basically, they serve a variety of burgers with kimchi.

I did a brief research on kimchi before I decided to head to the Cult. I assumed it was a red version of Sauerkraut with more vegs, apparently I was partially right. The second issue of Lucky Peach spared a few pages on kimchi, written by his majesty David Chang. Luckily I had the time to read all that before my visit. There are lots of variations of kimchi, could be either red or white, but the most common is paechu kimchi, the one that you will find in Kimchi Cult. Broadly, it is napa cabbage, garlic, ginger, scallions and carrots all fermented in soy sauce and fish sauce for two weeks. Bold!

I was almost sure it would not do any harm to have a kimchi burger for my breakfast. I mean anything savory can be a breakfast, who needs eggs and tea anyway?