Pitt Cue Co.

Along with MeatWagon and Lucky Chip, Pitt Cue Co is one of the most successful food trucks in London. They first appeared in Southbank last summer, became quite famous, partnered with Richard Turner from Hawksmoor and his business partner Simon Anderson, moved to Soho to open up a new restaurant, became more famous and now they have re-opened their trailer in Southbank, which was probably the best news I ever read in Twitter.

I first visited Pitt Cue Co right after they were opened in mid-January. We went there with my mom who was visiting me at that time, and faced a very, very long queue. Long queues motivate me a lot: I feel there is a treasure inside. We waited and got our rewards. I can not forget the time I started eating pulled pork, it was one of the best dishes I ever ate. A couple of weeks ago my brother came to London to visit me, and obviously we went to Pitt Cue Co. During our 110 minute wait for a table, when he called my mom and told that we were at Pitt Cue Co, she almost screamed out of joy.

I simply love everything smoked and love the smell of burning charcoal, I think it is one of the best smells in the world. Barbecues have a huge importance in Turkish cooking, I have countless memories of barbecuing with friends and family since my childhood. Even now too; we do barbecue literally every day in our summer house, any routine can change except that. I think is the best way to cook anything, even for coffee! While the fire is fading away from charcoals we usually cook some Turkish coffee and it always tastes better, probably because of slow boiling process. Two years ago I read an interview with Jamie Oliver, just before he opened Barbecoa. He said that; for thousands of years we cooked over wood and charcoal, it’s been 80 years or so since it has changed, but we miss those smoky flavours. I can not agree more.

Pitt Cue Co scheduled their re-opening for yesterday (Saturday) and I was planning to visit them at noon. Just before I was leaving work on Friday, on Twitter they said they will have a test go that evening and everyone is welcome. Instantly, my Friday evening plans changed and I made my way directly to Southbank.

It’s a large, shiny trailer and there is also some seating aside. They were not on Foursquare yet so I created a venue for them and checked myself in 🙂